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My professional career :

My career path began in October 2003 at the Jurbise Police Academy, followed by a short but rewarding experience at CIC Brussels (Federal Police) until June 2005. 

After that, I spent over thirteen years with the Police Department Haute Senne, until November 2018.


Since then, I have flourished at the Federal Judicial Police in Mons, specifically at the RCCU ('OSINT' Section), where I continue to put my skills at the service of justice.

My collector's journey :

In 2005, I began my journey into the captivating world of Belgian police patches, giving birth to a dedicated website.

Before the age of social networking, it was my arena for passionate exchange.


Although I once collected a wide range, I've chosen to refocus my world on integrated police patches.


My interest also extends to Integrated Police 'metal badges on leather', 'challenge coins', and even cybercrime patches from around the world.

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