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C.O.B.R.A. Brugge

COBRA Brugge v1 -- Left: Original | Right: Version of unknown/undetermined origin

Above, it's the 1st version of the patch C.O.B.R.A. unit of the PZ Brugge.

Below, the 2nd version.

COBRA Brugge v2 -- Left: Original | Right: Version of unknown/undetermined origin

To differentiate them, there are a few details to observe:

COBRA BRUGGE V1: The border of the original patch is flat and was roughly cut at its design while on the reproduction, the border is embroidered (thick).

COBRA BRUGGE V2: The border of the original version has silver threads while the border of the reproduction is completely white.

Moreover, on the original version, we notice that the inside of the snake's mouth has been over-embroidered with black threads while it's not on the reproduction.


In conclusion :

Is it an official repro?

Was the repro authorized for a specific purpose?

Is it a fraudulent repro with the aim of making money on the back of collectors?

In both cases, these patches appeared suddenly and were sold massively on the internet (notably on Ebay).

At the time of writing (08 Sept 2022), the COBRA BRUGGE V2 patch is sold on a Dutch website well known for selling poor copies of patches.

Possible copie de l'écusson COBRA de la police locale de Brugge
Advertised as original and sold at 17,50 EUR


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